I Declare a Permanent State of Happiness

“My entire poetic production is founded upon Wittgenstein’s later writings. Although it has sat on my shelf for decades, I never actually read the Tractatus. But I always loved the idea of it; I am a conceptual writer, after all.”–– Kenneth Goldsmith

The Biodiversity Gardener

Over the past decade, wildlife author and photographer Paul Sterry has nurtured, both through action and by doing nothing, what has become a small island of flourishing biodiversity in the half-acre garden that surrounds his north Hampshire cottage. By giving nature a free hand, and fostering habitats appropriate to this part of southeast England, he has enabled an abundance of native plant and animal species to call the garden home. This contrasts with the continued decline in biodiversity in the surrounding countryside. In this inspiring and informative book, Sterry tells the story of his own experiences in biodiversity gardening and offers detailed practical advice to anyone who wants to give nature the upper hand on their own bit of land, no matter how small.

Not What I Meant But Anyway

Not What I Meant But Anyway reveals the methods and processes behind Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen’s work and working, prioritizing long and multidimensional research and production over its eventual outcomes.

Alain Badiou – Images of the Present Time

Images of the Present Time presents nearly three years of Alain Badiou’s seminars, held from 2001 to 2004, partly against the backdrop of the war in Iraq.
Featuring some of the philosopher’s most inspiring and approachable work, Images of the Present Time is an important book for all readers interested in the practical as well as conceptual possibilities of Badiou’s thought.

Joan Brown Exhibition at SF MOMA

This rich, colorful retrospective celebrates the offbeat, inspired, and highly original artistic career of San Francisco–born painter Joan Brown.
This exhibition catalog accompanies a retrospective exhibition of prolific San Francisco–born painter Joan Brown (1938–1990), the first significant survey of her work in more than twenty years.