Sebastião Salgado at 80 – Guardian Article

The legendary photojournalist looks back on a life committed to documenting people and the planet, and explains why nature became his focus – article in the Guardian, link below.

In 2004 California University Press published his book of Sahel, The End of the Road, which documented his fifteen-month project of photographing the drought-stricken Sahel region of Africa in the countries of Chad, Ethiopia, Mali, and Sudan. A link to the book is below.

Dostoyevsky in the Face of Death or Language Haunted by Sex

Poetic, stunning, fascinating, and deeply insightful, Kristeva’s readings of Dostoyevsky are as much about us and our time as they are about him and his works. This book is a celebration of literature and language as an antidote to the extremes of nihilism and fundamentalism that still threaten us today. Kelly Oliver, philosopher, novelist, and professor emerita, Vanderbilt University

Busting the Bankers’ Club

“Gerald Epstein has done something that has needed doing since 2008 — he has written a book that explains our complex, captured financial system to the lay reader. In simple, clear prose, he outlines why we are still fighting financial fires, and what we can do to bridge the Wall Street-Main Street divide. A wonderful way to understand how finance became the tail that wags the dog of our economy. “—Rana Foroohar, Associate Editor, Financial Times

James Bond Will Return

With a stellar lineup of authors offering sharp, original analysis of every James Bond film to date, this book delivers a fascinating retrospective of the 007 franchise at a critical moment in the extended life of the series.Christoph Lindner, editor of The James Bond PhenomenonRevisioning 007, and Resisting James Bond

Vintage Crime

“This slim yet insightful and entertaining volume documents the many instances where wine drinkers did not get what they paid for, sometimes with deadly consequences.”—New York Times, Best Wine Books of 2023