Why Veganism Matters – The Philosopher Event video

Why Veganism Matters: Gary Francione with Adam Ferner and Darren Chetty, a video of the webinar hosted by The Philosopher, the longest-running public philosophy journal in the UK, founded in 1923.

Why Veganism Matters presents the case for the personhood of nonhuman animals and for veganism in a clear and accessible way that does not require any philosophical or legal background. This book offers a persuasive and powerful argument for all readers who care about animals but are not sure whether they have a moral obligation to be vegan.

Why is the US Always at War?

Critique and Praxis by Bernard Harcourt, Can Critical Theory Change the World?

“Can critical theory change the world?” In this video, Bernard E. Harcourt offers a vision of critical theory in the twenty-first century by asking not “What is to be done?” but rather “What more can I do? What work is my praxis doing?” Harcourt is the author of Critique and Praxis , in which he challenges us to move beyond decades of philosophical detours and harness critical thought to the need for action.